Company Overview

Úvod Demolition


Demolition is always done with maximum safety

Our company Portyx s.r.o. also deals with demolition activities. We perform the demolition of the whole object or only of a certain part. Demolition work can be performe on building from concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, brick, steel or mixed materials. We use heavy machinery to demolish, but we also have gentle technologies that we use as well.

An experienced team with more than 15 years of experience

We have passed many successful projects with SKANSKA a.s.

Investor satisfaction is key to us, so we always pay attention to the high quality of the work and the highest quality of the material with regard to the total cost of the construction.

Our attitude

We always approach the building process in a very progressive way. We use conventional ways with new technologies and efficiency so that the building meets all the criteria of the investor.


Our policy

Environmental friedly, safety at and outside the workplace, providing high-quality techniques for the construction, development and use of new technologies, professionalism and respect for the client. These are just some of our policies that we follow.